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We had a very good experience with Laurier from NIK Painting. Great communication and lots of forewarning about when the project would start, he did a lot of exterior oil staining of new cedar woodwork and unfortunately was caught by a sudden rain the next day. They were there the next day re-doing the stain coat without fuss or complaint. Our client was quite happy and also commented on their professionalism.

bsq design Avatar bsq design

The quality was superb and no time was wasted. It's such a pleasure to be able to rely on a contractor and get an amazing result. I strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for a highly professional and a responsible painter.

Milica Bob Avatar Milica Bob

Very good, affordable and reliable service.
Thank you for your professional and nice job!
Highly recommended!

Judit Molnar Avatar Judit Molnar
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